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Stuart Little
Stuart Little Michael J. Fox
(no caption)
Born Stuart Little
New York City, New York, USA
Occupation Student
Soccer player
Farmer (in "A Little Bit Country")
Likes Having friends
Being adopted by the Littles
Having fun
Making tons of friends
Helping others
His car, plane, and skateboard
Stopping bad guys and being hailed a hero
Frederick Little
Eleanor Little
George Little
Martha Little
Dislikes When someone's hurt or in trouble
The Beast
First Appeared In Stuart Little
Last Appeared In Stuart Little 3

Stuart Little is the titular protagonist of the franchise of the same name. He is Mr. and Mrs. Little's adoptive son, George's little brother, Martha's big brother and Snowbell's friend and "master". In the first film, George Little saved him from the villainous Snowbell and he saved Snowbell from the villainous Smokey. In the second film, he saved Margalo from the Falcon. In the thrid film, he saved Reeko from the Beast.

Early life

Stuart was born to a mouse couple and lived happily with them until one day, Stuart's biological parents died in an accident inside of a supermarket, where they crashed into a tower of mushroom's cream cans while they were buying victuals. Afterwards, Stuart had to live at the orphanage with the other children and Mrs. Keeper, the one who runs the place. As he grew up there for a long time, he started to know almost everything about the children and their personalities.

In the first film, Reginald and Camille Stout showed up at the Little house and announced they were Stuart's real parents. After being introduced to the Stouts by George, a heartbroken Stuart (who wanted to stay with the Littles) packed up his suitcases and was driven home by the Stouts.

However, Mrs. Keeper told Mr. and Mrs. Little that the Stouts aren't really Stuart's parents, which made the Littles realize that Stuart's been kidnapped and they put up flyers of Stuart's picture all around the city.

Eventually, Stuart was forced to run way from his fake parents' castle home, hid from Smokey's gang of cats, and drove back to the Littles.


Stuart is a friendly, innocent, shy, quiet, outgoing, well-mannered, brave, fun-loving, energetic, playful little mouse who is not afraid to be himself and can try big things (which he's never too little for), despite his small size.

Stuart likes to ride his red car, plane, and skateboard.


  • Stuart is based on the book character named after him.
  • It is unknown what Stuart's middle name is.



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