Smokey the Chief

The Chief, also known as Smokey, is the main antagonist of Stuart Little. He is a con-artist and the leader of the gang of cats, including Snowbell and Monty. He orders the cats to kill and eat Stuart, but he was defeated when Stuart hit him with a branch and knocked him into the water. Even worse (for the Chief), the Chief was chased off by dogs.

Early life

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The Chief is funny, ruthless, aggressive, cocky, sinister, power-hungry, sadistic, mean, thoughtless, silly, murderous, mysterious, menacing, testy, harsh, emotional, clever, hot-headed, irascible, efficient, feisty, self-absorbed, mischievous, obstinate, kooky, erudite and relaxed.


  • He is similar to the Angora cat from the novel Stuart Little.
    • They both want to eat a certain family member (Smokey, Stuart and Angora, Margalo)


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