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Stuart Little 2 Monty

Monty is the (former) secondary antagonist of Stuart Little and a supporting character in Stuart Little 2, Stuart Little: The Animated Series, and Stuart Little 3: Call of the Wild. He is Snowbell's friend who wanted to eat Stuart so badly, and Snowbell was afraid that he would spread word about Stuart being a member of the family. During a showdown in the trees one night, Snowbell broke one branch, sending Monty and the gang of cats into the water.

Early lifeEdit

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Monty is nice and rude at times. He is also been known for having a big mouth as he always spreads word about many things, such as Stuart having a "pet cat" in the first film (which he found extremely hilarious).


  • Monty was once thought to be the main antagonist of Stuart Little and the tritagonist of Stuart Little 2. Much like Margalo and other characters from the movies, of course, these aren't true at all.




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