• Anton:Gets tackled by George Little.
  • Red: Splashes into the water. Then he flees with LuckyMonty and an unnamed alley cat.
  • Lucky:Splashes into the water, and flees with the other alley cats.
  • Monty:Splashes into the water along with the other alley cats and flees with them, and reforms in the rest of the franshise.
  • Smokey: Falls into the river and drowns and then he gets chased by underwater dogs.
  • Wallace:Gets hit in the face by a soccer ball,kicked by George.
  • Falcon: Hit by Stuart's plane and loses his feathers and then he got eaten by Snowbell's assistant, Monty and gets trapped into a cage in the farm in the TV series.
  • Beast: Falls into rope and got taken away in a helicoptor
  • Crows: get scared of the scarecrow and fly away.
  • The Big Green Fish: failed to eat Stuart and swims away.
  • Scar and Tiger: get trapped into a sheet.
  • Raccoons: get arrested.

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