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Frederick Little
Aliases Mr. Little
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Executive
Age 40 (Stuart Little)

43 (Stuart Little 2) (born 17 April)

Residence New York City, New York
Relatives Mrs. Little (wife), George Little (son), Stuart Little (adoptive son), Martha Little (daughter), Uncle Crenshaw (brother)
Enemies Falcon, Monty (formerly)
Portrayed by Hugh Laurie
First appearance Stuart Little

Frederick Little (better known as Mr. Little) is Stuart's and George's father and Mrs. Little's husband. He goes above and beyond for his family, and he and his wife have a knack for finishing each others' sentences. He is one of the two terartagonists of Stuart Little, one of the minor characters of Stuart Little 2, one of the two secondary characters of Stuart Little 3, one of the two tritagonists of Stuart Little: The Animated Series and one of the three secondary characters of Stuart Little 4

Early life

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