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Falcon is the main antagonist of Stuart Little 2. He had Margalo steal valuable items for him, including Mrs. Little's ring. After a chase through New York to get Margalo and the ring back, Falcon was defeated when Stuart blinded him with his mother's ring and sent his plane crashing into him, making him fall into a trash can and presumably eaten by Monty.

Although it looked like Monty ate him, Falcon later returned in Stuart Little: The Animated Series and he tried to get revenge on Stuart and his friends in the episode "A Little Bit Country."

Falcon was mentioned in Stuart Little 4 by Margalo and was replaced by Snidely Whiplash after replaced by Beast, the main antagonist of Stuart Little 3: Call of the Wild.

He is voiced by James Woods, Mark Hamill, and Louis C.K..

Early lifeEdit

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Falcon is a threatening falcon and he wants someone to get items, like Mrs. Little's ring. He is smarter than Margalo and he tells her in a mean way to give him the ring or Stuart is lunch. If he gets the item, he would let Margalo go in a false way.

Falcon isn't an average canned food lover when he sees Snowbell trying to rescue Margalo. He hates being fooled if anyone dares to do so.

Falcon is mentioned by Margalo in Stuart Little 4 where Margalo claims that Falcon who got scratch by a Airplane and fell down the Garbage to Monty the Cat that Stuart known before.


  • Due to him having a sharp tan nose with a black tip, some fans identify Falcon as a peregrine falcon.
  • Falcon was rumored to be the secondary antagonist of the film.
  • Falcon's gender is a male.
  • Falcon is the main antagonist of Stuart Little 2.
  • Falcon's gender is a male.
  • Falcon was the one influenced Margalo into getting the ring back to him or if she didn't get the ring, he will kill Stuart Little.
  • Falcon is very similar to Smokey after Smokey's defeat in Stuart Little. Falcon had Smokey's angry face saying "Say good night, Tinker Bell!" to "Now get me that ring!". Smokey was voiced by Chazz Palminteri while Falcon was voiced by James Woods.
  • Falcon and Margalo were actually a couple of con artists to work on a scam to find a perfect shiny thing so that Falcon would promise her freedom. However Margalo redeems herself at the end.
  • Falcon is similar to Hades who was the villain from Hercules. Falcon/Hades both are suave and sarcastic con men. Hades/Falcon both hate want to kill Hercules/Stuart Little. Falcon/Hades frequently used Margalo/Meg as pawns to work on a scam.
  • Although Mr. Hamill has same voice characters where Joker, Mr. Usaji, Tanner Duck, and many more.



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