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• 10/27/2018
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• 7/25/2018

Unaired Episodes of The Animated Series

There are 6 episodes of The Animated Series that were unaired. These names for them were "Littles Old Iron", "Margalo To The Rescue", "Concrete Rain", "Horror Scream", "The Drab City", and "The Cloud Worm". They were planned to have aired after "A Little Vacation" which was the 13th episode of the show, but due to its cancellation, they remain unaired. Now, this may not seem important considering that the show was aired a long time ago, but just out of curiosity, what the plot be for each of these episodes had the show continued on?
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• 5/12/2018

Animated Series Cancellation

Is there a reason why The Animated Series was cancelled?
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• 3/14/2018

Stuart Little Fetish - NSFW WARNING

So lately I've been thinking about all the thing that arouse me in life. Most people are into feet, genitals, and breasts. But me? Well, I myself have a Stuart Little fetish. Yes, it's uncommon, but the price for freedom is high.

There's just something about that little mouse that makes me extra stiff. With his small size, he could easily scurry up my leg and crawl into my panties. That'd be so nice.

I want Stuart Little to build a tiny sled out of sticks. He'd then sled down my back, starting from my shoulder, and go directly into my ass crack. Or it would be cool if a wizard transformed me into a liquid in a cup. (I'd still be sentient and aware) Then imagine if Stuart Little began sipping little bits of me into his mouth and swishing me around. I'd scream!

All in all, I believe it is easy to understand why Stuart Little is everyone's favorite character. If anyone here shares my passion for Stuart, please share your feelings here.
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